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Connie: Lessons from a Life in the Saddle

At a special price of $20 only for visitors to (plus $3.59 for shipping), "Connie: Lessons from a life in the Saddle" is David Horsey's evocative and entertaining tribute to Connie Cox -- Montana rancher, rodeo cowboy, raconteur, rascal and prairie philosopher. In a biographical essay, collected words of wit and wisdom and 100 full-color photographs, David tells the story of a true son of the American West.
"There are lessons to be learned from men like Connie Cox. And I have to say, there are many such men in the rangelands of Montana and elsewhere in the West; men who have worked hard most days of their lives and who will not be retiring to ride a golf cart and chase a little white ball around some unnatural expanse of perfectly manicured country club grass. No, these men will still be riding a horse under a big sky, moving skittering cows until the day they die – or close to it...
"The things Connie knows and cares about are the things most men and women of the West know and care about if they have learned the lessons of a land that is steeped in legend, a land that is sometimes harsh and often unforgiving, but heartbreakingly beautiful and so vast that only a fool feels bigger in it than he should. Connie acknowledges he still has lessons to learn – and that may be his greatest wisdom.
"Conrad Cox is not a guru, a guide, a sage or a saint. He does not belong on a pedestal. His place is in a saddle, riding on the same level as any other man, moving toward a far horizon, doing good work under storm clouds or sun and, in any circumstance, declaring with a grin, 'This is livin’.'"

Price: $23.59

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